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Aloe + Colors
Aloe+ Colors Shape Your Body - Anticellulite slimming Gel 150ml
Say goodbye to the local thickness and unsightly appearance of orange peel
Only: 8.40 €
Anti-Cellulite Calendula Oil 100ml
Calendula oil with grapefruit, cypress, cedar & vitamin E
Only: 10.20 €
Health Aid
Health Aid CLA 1000mg 30caps
Food Supplement
Only: 16.20 €
Health Aid
Health Aid Cellusite 60tabls
Supplement Against Cellulite.
Only: 17.87 €
Dietrim 60caps
Dietrim® is suitable for men and women of all ages and is recommended in co...
Only: 19.19 €
Anaplasis Algae Mud against Cellulite 400ml
Reduces the appearance of "orange peel" Helps reduce local fat accumulatio...
Only: 21.42 €
Anaplasis Body Oil To Improve The Look Of Orange Peel 100ml
CLT Plus oil against orange peel on the skin
Only: 22.25 €
Health Aid
Health Aid Promo Pack Cellusite Promo Pack 2*60 Tabs With -50% off to the 2nd
Cellusite Tablets contributes significantly to the fight against cellulite,...
Only: 26.80 €