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1) How long should it take to have my order delivered?

Re: Orders sent within Greece need 1 to maximum 4 working days after you place your order. Ιf within 4 working days you have not received your order please CONTACT US. For international orders, delivery time varies from 3-7 working days. This depends on the destination country and the policy of the local authorities. If you do not receive your products within 10 working days please CONTACT US (see SHIPPING INFORMATION).

2) Since I have placed my order how can I see in which phase it is?

Re: As long as you register as a member in the online pharmacy, you can log in and see your order status.

3) How do I cancel an order or change its contents?

Re: To get a clear picture about making cancellations see the CANCELLATION POLICY in the TERMS OF USE. The same applies if you change the content of an order.

4) I received electronic coupons how do I use them?

Re: Electronic coupons allow you to get more discounts on the next or subsequent purchases. They are personal and not transferable. Placing the code sent in the data entry section during your order in the area of ​​discount coupons, fill in the coupon code and proceed in checkout.

5) Can I use my “depot card” during my online purchases?

Re: The “depot card” is not used in the online store. It can only be used for purchases from the physical store and it is not combined with any purchase from the online store.

6) Can I place an order without signing up?

Re: Pharmacydepot offers you the opportunity of “express checkout”. During the placing of your order you can proceed your order as visitor and avoid creating an account.

7) What are my shipping costs?

Re: For orders of up to 2 kilos and over 29 euros within Greece delivery is FREE of charge. For orders less than 29 euro, transportation costs are 2 euros with an extra charge of 2 euros, if the order is paid on delivery time. For international shipping, costs vary according to the products’ size and the country or area sent (see SHIPPING INFORMATION).

8) What is the application “Ask your pharmacist” and how it works?

Re: This application is designed within the augmented services our pharmacy aims at offering you. Pharmacydepot gives you the chance to submit your questions about health and beauty that concern you, and to solve any queries that might appear during the use of the products sold in pharmacydepot. The aim is to solve all your queries and in order to achieve this, the pharmacydepot team is always there to help you by giving  health and beauty tips.

WARNING: The advice given is subject to full confidentiality (Read TERMS AND CONDITIONS) and is purely advisory. Pharmacydepot clarifies that these advice do not replace the advice-instructions of any doctor and strongly recommends to visit a doctor, if you are experiencing problems that concern your health.

9) Is my personal data secure?

Re: Personal data you trust in pharmacydepot is private. (Read PRIVACY POLICY of TERMS AND CONDITIONS)

10) How do I send a gift?

Re: Any product of the online shop can be packaged and shipped as gift (with an extra fee of 1 euro). During the checkout process tab of the data entry field select "I wish to receive my order in a gift box." Then you can choose to complete a greeting card while sending your package. The sending of the greeting card is FOR FREE. Selecting the corresponding field "I wish to add a greeting card in my package" appears space where you can fill out the message you want printed on a white card. However, pharmacydepot within the integrated services it wishes to offer, it has prepared greeting cards which you can view by pressing the "View Greeting Card". You choose the one that suits you most and fill out the appropriate message you want to get printed on the card. If the mailing address of the gift differs from the billing address, de-select the field "Shipping address same as billing address" by giving the address you wish to send the gift. Specific suggestions for gifts has prepared pharmacydepot for you within the category gifts / set depot.

11) During the checkout procedure a message for large order appeared. What should I do?

Re: If you place an order higher than 1,000 euros you  will have to choose one of the following transaction acceptable terms, i.e. either bank deposit or payment in store.

12) What is Magazinedepot and how it works?

Re: Magazinedepot is the electronic journal of Pharmacydepot. You can find a variety of articles related to health and beauty and a variety of products depending on the needs you have. The aim is to inform and provide you with solutions to your problems. In Magazinedepot you will find applications such as body mass index, daily energy and fertile days, which aim at further to your information and entertainment. In magazinedepot you will even be able to answer questions related to your daily routine.