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About us


Pharmacydepot is an e-shop in the area of para​​pharmaceutical products which has its physical shop in the region Holargos in Attica-Greece. Our pharmacy, named Kallirroe Veletakou, operates in the field of pharmaceutical and drugs for over 35 years. It has well-trained and professional staff, full range of products and selected branded products. Knowing the Greek market and having full knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, we are trying with our online store to offer products that will make your life easier, beautiful and carefree.


To serve all of you in order to ensure your health and beauty.


Our vision is to be the leading online pharmacy and the first consumer’s choice in domestic and international market for health and beauty products.


To offer simple and easy navigation procedures to the well-informed consumers so that they obtain at a low price branded products that meet their needs.

Our people

The pharmacy staff is carefully selected, highly trained, has the highest level of education and years of experience in the fields of health and beauty services, which gives full assurance that it is capable of responding even to the most demanding users’ needs.

The spirit of teamwork pervades the members of the online pharmacies and so we always talk about the pharmacydepot’s team. Our results are a result of team work, since we are all working together to offer you the best service package.

All team members share the values ​​of pharmacydepot, while they are struggling daily to achieve its goals.

Conduct Codes

The operation of the store is governed by the use of the current Code of Conduct.


To pharmacydepot up has been specifically designed for serving its values ​​towards you. The moto of pharmacydepot (CURE & CARE) shows this ambition.

Our values ​​are:

1) Your health is our first priority. All products and advice offered in the category of pharmadepot and in other categories as well are intended to improve and eliminate any health issues you face.

2) Taking care of yourself is an important value for us. Each type of care (cosmetic, personal, etc.), if you are healthy first of course, contributes to the beauty of your body and to the stimulating of your psychology. So you can respond more easily to the tiring, demanding and competitive daily routine. You can rely on pharmacydepot for this, since pharmacydepot has created a special communication line (ask your pharmacist) where you can express any concern of you related to health and beauty problems you might face. Additionally to that, Pharmacydepot designed exclusively for its visitors Magazinedepot, where you can learn about various health-beauty that are of your interest. Also, every product for sale has its related and complementary products as well as related articles, so that you can buy determined and be sure that the products you buy meet your needs and standards.

3) The institution of the family. Pharmacydepot provides products that meet the needs of the whole family (children, infants, teenagers and adults). In most product categories you will find products of the category which are separated by gender or by age. In order to protect the beautiful period of a woman’s  pregnancy and the arrival of a new member in the family, pharmacydepot has designed a special category for moms, future moms, infants and kids. Products exclusively for future moms are in this category available as well so she can choose easily.

4) Economy. Every euro of all those who trust us, counts. That's why we strive to offer many branded products’ offers and products at low prices and with the lowest shipping costs in the greek market, so as to make our products affordable for anyone, since we believe that health and beauty should not be a privilege of the few.

5) Safety. Pharmacydepot protects sensitive personal data and ensures the security of your transactions.

6) Team Spirit. All members of our online pharmacy team are working hard to offer you the best services.

7) Safe, pleasant and relaxing holidays and travel. Within the category of personal care depot or the category gifts-sets you can find special sets, and products that meet the needs of a journey. You can even buy a car pharmacy kit that will protect you from unpleasant surprises. Finally, in all product categories there are seasonal products that meet your needs for every season.

All you have to do is discover them!


Our goal is to be able to offer you in just a few clicks easy, secure and fast online shopping.

Our aim is to offer products that will solve and diminish any health problems you might be confronted with and that will contribute to your wellbeing. Our products will help you improve your fitness, enjoy your free time with your friends and family, take any social recognition in professional and non-professional environment.

We aim at a good value for money. The whole team is working so that pharmacydepot is able to offer to its customers the product that really meets their needs. However, because many of us do not know the exact product we need or the corresponding treatment we need to follow-pharmacydepot  designed  Magazinedepot, a great website that hosts articles that inform about any illness-situation requiring immediate treatment, about actual health news as well as about fitness, beauty and several others matters that are of your deep concern.  Furthermore, to better inform costumers we have a special communication line (ask your pharmacists) where you can express your concerns and our colleagues will answer to you as soon as possible.


Our aim is not that you buy irrelevant products but only the products that sufficient for your needs. Functions of the pharmacydepot’s website (such as sorting, searching, filtering and comparing products) are offered in order to contribute to the above purpose, so that the customer not only buys based on his/her needs, but also buys the best products of the market according to his/her opinion at the best price , with the lowest shipping costs in the market.

Our goal is that navigation and browsing in our site will be a unique and unforgettable experience for you.

Our goal is to keep you always satisfied with your purchases. We challenge you to participate actively in our own evaluation and the evaluation of the products you buy.

Our ambition is to change the facts in domestic and international online market.

Visit our website  and become amazed by the variety of functions it offers you.

Please enjoy “surfing” in our website!

The pharmacydepot team!